The research of new technologies deals with the impact of the creation, emergence and application of new knowledge on businesses, industries and society. The focus is often on the discontinuities and changes related to technological development. Many of the programme’s projects are strongly interdisciplinary. Almost every project involves cooperation with companies or other stakeholders.

Selected research

Research began 2021 Research ends 2022
The aim of this research project is to evaluate the effectiveness of Team Finland Network, especially in terms of the effectiveness of the reforms made in 2018. The aim is to find out what is the added value of
Research began 2020 Research ends 2021
The functioning of international trade is important for small open economies such as Finland. Changes in international trade shakes the Finnish economy, and due to our export structure, the economic swings are potentially greater than in many other countries.
Research began 2020 Research ends 2021
Productive investments in Finland have long been lagging behind the euro area and Sweden. Finland's R&D intensity (R&D expenditure / GDP) has also fallen during this decade. The project analyzes Finland's intangible and tangible investments in relation to other
Research began 2020 Research ends 2021
The Government has set a goal of research, development and innovation inputs to increase to 4 % by 2030. The objective is very ambitious. Achieving it requires remarkable and properly targeted substantial efforts in both private and public sector.
Research began 2019 Research ends 2022
Shaping the Future in the Era of Intelligent Tools: AI and Beyond Over the past decades, information technology has driven societal development and economic growth. The continuing advance of digitalization has enabled individuals and organizations to leverage more and
Research began 2020 Research ends 2021
The purpose of this research project is to evaluate and recognise possibilities to both utilize EU's financial instruments for the development of Finland's growth companies financial markets and possibilities to replace business aids with more market-conform solution. The focus
Research began 2019 Research ends 2022
The purpose of the project is by anticipating create a road map how the forest industry and related products, services and the use of wood will change in the next few decades. The results of the projects will significantly
Research began 2019 Research ends 2021
The objective of the TRIGGER research project is to provide EU institutions with the competence and the tools required to address global challenges through international collaboration and global governance. A part of the project focuses on examining the possibilities
Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
The project examines the overall importance of research-based healthcare industry companies for the Finnish economy. The current state of the industry is estimated and will be linked to the decade's evolution. In addition, future scenarios with policy implications will
Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
This research project aims to create a frame and instruments for structural competitiveness which can be utilized in monitoring Finland’s growth conditions. So called “competitiveness pyramid” is used as a frame in this project. This pyramid decomposes competitiveness into
Research began 2020 Research ended 2020
The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the lives of people and organizations is continually more significant. Digitalization is present in both people-to-people communication and corporate business. Previous scientific research results indicate that electricity consumption of ICT
Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
We study service exports and the extent of companies that export services. The data by tax authorities enables us to generate new knowledge about the number of companies with service exports. Furthermore, we study the impact of Business Finland’s
Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
The aim of the project is to analyze digital economy and its impacts on taxation. The first phase of the project focuses on the measurement of the digital economy. The digital economy will be measured in value added terms
Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
This research plan comprises a comprehensive impact study on how Business Finland (BF) has succeeded in achieving the objectives associated with innovation and business subsidy funding and global network services. The data will be analyzed by the two-stage method:
Research began 2020 Research ended 2020
The purpose of this research project is to produce an expert opinion assessing, on the basis of the "AI White Paper", the impacts of the European Union's artificial intelligence policy and regulation on the competitiveness and sustainable growth of
Research began 2015 Research ended 2020
The Digital Disruption of Industry -project acronym: DDI, studies the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish society through the lens of the industry. The next industrial revolution has already started with digitalization making it possible to create intelligent
Research began 2018 Research ended 2020
Construction has many implications for the economy and society. Despite the relevance of the construction industry, business and market knowledge of the sector is lacking, and the cost and growth competitiveness of the sector is not well known. The
Research began 2019 Research ended 2019
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have long been studied as a form of business investment. Data sharing is a newly popular type of collaboration between industrial companies. For the first time a research is focusing on the impact of
Research began 2018 Research ended 2019
British exit from the European Union (Brexit), has raised questions about its effects. Both Sweden, Ireland and Denmark have made estimates about the consequences of Brexit. The effects of Brexit on global trade are not limited only to trade
Research began 2018 Research ended 2019
A consortium has been established between VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA), Aalto University, University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä, Silo.AI, and TMikko with a research focus on artificial intelligence,
Research began 2015 Research ended 2018
Work and Wealth in the Era of Digital Platforms (acronym: BRIE-ETLA 2015-2018) studies implications of digital platforms on business strategies and national policies. It consists of international scholarly, business and policy relevant, research joint effort of BRIE, The Berkeley
Research began 2016 Research ended 2019
Smart Work in Platform Economy (acronym: SWiPE) is the Academy of Finland and Strategic Research Council funded strategic research consortium, which studies how recent advances in digitalization changes content, quality, and quantity of human-performed work and implications of these
Research began 2014 Research ended 2018
Etla participates in Salwe Ltd’s Get It Done -program by conducting cost-benefit analyses of new forms of health diagnostics and care in collaboration with the participating companies. The program creates new technologies and practices for healthcare professionals to provide
Research began 2017 Research ended 2018
In this study, we combine robust econometrics with interactive forms of data collection to form a detailed view on the impacts of Team Finland collaborators in innovation-led export growth. In our methodology we utilize our experts’ in depth understanding
Research began 2016 Research ended 2018
Finnish blockchain ecosystem consisting of public sector, research organisations and companies fully exploits the potential of blockchain technology in their research, business and technology portfolio. Finnish blockchain development and solutions are internationally competitive and well-known. The overall objective of
Research began 2015 Research ended 2016
The project studies the roles of two parties – the members of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) as well as Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation – in supporting companies’ growth ambitions and actual growth in Finland.
Research began 2016 Research ended 2017
The project studies the amount, quality and economic impact of startup entrepreneurs and their ventures. Even though large incumbent corporations are the cornerstone of the Finnish economy, startups are a necessary “feed” into longer-term creative destruction and thus economic
Research began 2016 Research ended 2017
Integrating platform competences toward network effects -project (acronym: iPlate) focuses on companies looking to tap into the network effects – using ecosystem and platforms value creation. The project identifies and strives toward unleashing platform competences that can be addressed