Impact Study of Global Growth for Companies (Etlatieto Oy)

Impact Study of Global Growth for Companies (Etlatieto Oy)

This research plan comprises a comprehensive impact study on how Business Finland (BF) has succeeded in achieving the objectives associated with innovation and business subsidy funding and global network services.

The data will be analyzed by the two-stage method: the CEM matching and difference-in-difference estimations that capture potential causal impacts. The main questions of this study are how Business Finland activities succeed to improve the global growth for Finnish companies, what is a role of export-promoting services in global growth, what are the critical obstacles and bottleneck there to prevent achieving to reach these goals, what kind of societal impacts have been achieved and what are the guidelines how Business Finland can improve global growth activities?

The project will be consisted of going through international literature explaining the global growth of companies located to small open economies and comprising descriptive and econometric analysis of data.

Empirical analysis focuses on the economic impacts and effectiveness of Business Finland’s innovation and business activities (i.e. R&D funding and services).

The study will also include stakeholder surveys and interviews to extract additional information on the role and best practice means of Business Finland in promoting global growth of companies. Last an evaluation framework will be formulated.

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