Etla seminars

Etla organizes 3-4 seminars for the general public every year, which deal with economics or current topics related to it. The seminars are starring well-known researchers from Etla and other organizations.

Etla has been organized into 4 research groups based on research themes as well as joint support functions. Etla has two subsidiaries: Etlatieto Oy for selected project research and Taloustutkimus Oy, a publisher.

More about Etla Research Publications

ETLA’s staff consists of some 40 persons. Some thirty of the employees are engaged in research projects and forecasting. Each year we have also several part-time employees, students and visiting economists from the sponsoring organizations and universities working at ETLA.

Our personnel

Etla’s main research themes

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  1. The Impacts of Economic Policy
  2. The Impacts of Major Movements (Megatrends)