Etla - research to support policy-making

Research is carried out in four research groups

ETLA Economic Research is engaged in applied economic research with emphasis on questions central to the Finnish economy and business sector.

Research activities focus on two thematic areas

Theme 1: Impact of Economic Policy. The aim is to provide information on how economic policy can promote competition and business conditions between companies in Finland and improve the competitiveness of Finnish production on the world market.

Theme 2: Impact of Driving Forces (Megatrends). The research focuses on the driving forces’ (megatrend’s) effects on the business sector and on the preconditions of economic policies

Selected research

Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
Statistics Finland, Finlands Bank and Etla Economic Research have developed modeling based on nowcasting methods which are used to model certain monitored economic indicators using other, rapidly updated data sources. Tourism is a cyclical phenomenon where changes can be
Research began 2020 Research ends 2021
This study, carried out as a consortium between Aalto University, ETLA Economic Research, Finnish Institute for health and welfare and VATT Institute for Economic Research, assesses what costs in out-patient medicines, how the prices of medicines can be influenced
Research began 2020 Research ends 2020
The purpose of this research project is to evaluate and recognise possibilities to both utilize EU's financial instruments for the development of Finland's growth companies financial markets and possibilities to replace business aids with more market-conform solution. The focus
Research began 2020 Research ends 2021
Hundreds of millions of euros are spend on adult education in Finland each year. In Finland it is hardly known whether adult education is improving employment, adapting to job revolution or development of earnings. This project is extensively exploring
Research began 2020 Research ended 2020
Achieving the government’s 75% employment target requires decisive action to improve employment. Increasing the employment rate will only be successful if the measures taken are effective. Such measures may relate to active labor market policies, unemployment schemes, invalidity benefit
Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
This research project aims to create a frame and instruments for structural competitiveness which can be utilized in monitoring Finland’s growth conditions. So called “competitiveness pyramid” is used as a frame in this project. This pyramid decomposes competitiveness into
Research began 2020 Research ends 2021
Productive investments in Finland have long been lagging behind the euro area and Sweden. Finland's R&D intensity (R&D expenditure / GDP) has also fallen during this decade. The project analyzes Finland's intangible and tangible investments in relation to other
Research began 2019 Research ends 2022
Shaping the Future in the Era of Intelligent Tools: AI and Beyond Over the past decades, information technology has driven societal development and economic growth. The continuing advance of digitalization has enabled individuals and organizations to leverage more and
Research began 2020 Research ended 2020
The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the lives of people and organizations is continually more significant. Digitalization is present in both people-to-people communication and corporate business. Previous scientific research results indicate that electricity consumption of ICT
Research began 2019 Research ended 2020
We study service exports and the extent of companies that export services. The data by tax authorities enables us to generate new knowledge about the number of companies with service exports. Furthermore, we study the impact of Business Finland’s
Research began 2020 Research ended 2020
The purpose of this research project is to produce an expert opinion assessing, on the basis of the "AI White Paper", the impacts of the European Union's artificial intelligence policy and regulation on the competitiveness and sustainable growth of
Research began 2015 Research ends 2020
The Digital Disruption of Industry -project acronym: DDI, studies the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish society through the lens of the industry. The next industrial revolution has already started with digitalization making it possible to create intelligent