Active debate on economic policies

Etla aims to be Finland’s most important economic research institute for economic policy-making.

Etla assesses economic policy decisions and proposals with economic research and makes policy recommendations. Etla is bold and active in social debate.

Etla has a current, comprehensive view on the state of the Finnish economy and an overall economic forecast based on this, compiled utilizing state-of-the-art methods.

We strive that the rest of the research community, including scientific researchers outside economics, political policy-makers, authorities, interest groups, businesses and media, always see Etla as a co-operative partner.

Useful information for decision-making

We believe information is useful when it is relevant to decision-making, produced at the right time with the most advanced methods and high research ethics, and presented in a clear and easily understandable form.

When information is trustworthy, timely and useful for the decision-makers, scientific information is used more in policymaking.

The economic policy in Finland should be based on scientific research and acknowledge the importance of business sector success as the precondition of the well-being in Finland more clearly.

Our mission: Well-functioning and well-being Finland

Finnish jobs, well-being and prosperity are based on successful companies. A competitive environment requires the strengthening of the market economy conditions through predictable economic policies, which are based on scientific research.

Etla provides useful information based on economic research on questions central to the Finnish economy and especially business sector and contributes to economic policies in Finland. This requires scientific rigor as well as bold and active social debate.

Reliability is achieved through scientific competence and research integrity. Competence is secured by being Finland’s best place to work for PhDs in economics interested in applied research that assist economic policy-making processes and by encouraging researchers to publish in peer-reviewed journals and collaborate with best international colleagues.


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