ICT and its energy consumption
Research group: Business renewal Research began: 2020 Research ended: 2020 Sponsored by: Sitra
ICT and its energy consumption

ICT and its energy consumption

The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the lives of people and organizations is continually more significant. Digitalization is present in both people-to-people communication and corporate business.

Previous scientific research results indicate that electricity consumption of ICT is growing and it will form increasingly significant part of world’s total electricity consumption in the future.

So far, no precise data is available on the energy consumption of ICT. Partly due to the fact that the subject of review forms a large and complex systemic entity with cross-border activities. The industry does not have mutual measurement or reporting practices and it does publish hardly any information regarding their energy consumption.

This research project aims to answer following research questions:

– What kind of data about the energy consumption of ICT already exists and what kind of data which is currently not available is required to perceive overall picture of the ICT energy consumption? And who has the missing information?

– What the overall picture of energy consumption in the ICT sector looks like? And what does projecting trend in energy consumption into the future look like?


Etla conducts the research in collaboration with Aalto University.



Kari Hiekkanen

Juri Mattila

Ilkka Ylhäinen