Competitiveness and renewal of the construction industry (Etlatieto Oy)

Competitiveness and renewal of the construction industry (Etlatieto Oy)

Construction has many implications for the economy and society. Despite the relevance of the construction industry, business and market knowledge of the sector is lacking, and the cost and growth competitiveness of the sector is not well known. The project provides an up-to-date description of the situation and trajectory of the industry with its recommendations to support the political decision-making and the orientation of innovation and development activities, as well as business operations of various actors in the construction industry.

The aim of the project is to produce usable information for the development of the competitiveness of construction industry, especially in the development of its productivity, the allocation of regulations, and in widening the knowledge of the decision-makers in boosting the construction industry’s foreign operations.

In addition to the description of the current situation, the project aims to define the future prospects of the construction sector and, together with the key players in the sector, the project aims to create new concrete scenarios with recommendations for action. Practical implications are directed towards companies and organizations, as well as municipal and state actors interested in promoting competitiveness.

The project is implemented by Etlatieto Oy, Tampere University of Technology and BES Built Environment Systems Oy.


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