Knowledge and technology

  • The impact of digitalization on volume, quality and content of work performed by humans
  • Accounting for digitalization in corporate strategies and societal policies
  • The consequences of global value chains on Finnish competitiveness
  • The role of startups in creative destruction

The Knowledge and technology programmme considers how the creation and diffusion of new knowledge impacts businesses, industries, and societies. Oftentimes the focus is on technology-induced discontinuities and disruptions. Many projects are strongly inter-/multi- disciplinary. Virtually all projects involve co-operation with companies or other key stakeholders.

Knowledge and Technology research staff:

Research director, Ph.D. Petri Rouvinen
Chief research scientist, Ph.D Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö
Chief research scientist, Ph.D Antti Tahvanainen
Reseacher, MSc Annu Kotiranta
Reseacher, MSc Juri Mattila
Reseacher, MSc Mika Pajarinen
Reseacher, Ph.D. Timo Seppälä
Reseacher, MD, MBA Martti Kulvik
Reseacher, Ph.D. Ilkka Ylhäinen