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Blockchains Boosting Finnish industry (BOND)

Finnish blockchain ecosystem consisting of public sector, research organisations and companies fully exploits the potential of blockchain technology in their research, business and technology portfolio. Finnish blockchain development and solutions are internationally competitive and well-known. The overall objective of the project is to form an understanding of blockchain tools, technologies, solutions and business possibilities in […]

Work and Wealth in the Era of Digital Platforms

Work and Wealth in the Era of Digital Platforms (acronym: BRIE-ETLA 2015-2018) studies implications of digital platforms on business strategies and national policies. It consists of international scholarly, business and policy relevant, research joint effort of BRIE, The Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy, located at the campus of University of California, Berkeley, and ETLA. […]

Smart Work in Platform Economy

Smart Work in Platform Economy (acronym: SWiPE) is the Academy of Finland and Strategic Research Council funded strategic research consortium, which studies how recent advances in digitalization changes content, quality, and quantity of human-performed work and implications of these changes on education, organizational structures, and entrepreneurship. The forms and contents of work as well as […]

Intangibles and International Sourcing

Intangibles and International Sourcing (acronym: InSource) studies the nexus between intangibles, such as R&D and trademarks, and global value chains, the geographic dispersion in the provision of goods and services. Questions address in the project: Where are multinational enterprises’ intangibles-related business functions located? Do their locations influence the overall composition of their global value chains? […]

Key success factors of the foodstuffs supply chain in Finland [Completed]

The project analyzes the success factors, the competitiveness and its underlying drivers as well as the competitive position of the Finnish food chain. As output the project generates new insights on the competitiveness of the chain’s individual segments and provides implications for effective policy design, the promotion of Finnish food exports, the improvement of the […]

Economic role of startups?

The project studies the amount, quality and economic impact of startup entrepreneurs and their ventures. Even though large incumbent corporations are the cornerstone of the Finnish economy, startups are a necessary “feed” into longer-term creative destruction and thus economic growth. In Finland, excitement over startups have now lasted for a decade. Yet, no comprehensive information […]