Research projects

Distribution of risks in statutory employee pension schemes

The research project aims at analysing the distribution of risks that relate to employee pension insurance benefits and their funding, both in theoretical scheme types (public/private, statutory/voluntary, defined benefit/defined contribution, funded/pay-as-you-go) and in their different combinations as employed by a number of representative countries. The project includes a quantitative analysis of risk distribution characteristics of […]

Economic Consequences of Ageing [Completed]

The project combines inputs of demographers and economist to update our knowledge on the economic effects of ageing and to provide new information on specific thematic areas. Typical questions to be answered are: How does population ageing affect individuals’ economic conditions? How economic incentives related to active ageing influence behaviour? How do they affect public […]

Occupational restructuring challenges competencies

The central idea of the research is to comprehensively assess the role of competencies – their acquisition, maintenance, development and renewal – in enhancing successful labour market transition, as well as stabilized employment and re-entry after non-employment in times of profound occupational restructuring. Our research is guided by a common framework which, in addition to […]

Better late than never?

Better late than never? School, training and work for late upper secondary school completers in the Nordic countries is a comparative Nordic study concerning young people who do not complete upper secondary schooling on regular time. The primary goal of the project is to analyse the consequences of late completion of upper secondary schooling, as […]

Staying Competitive

The project will be a comparative analysis of the development of labour productivity, wages and operating margins in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The analyses will be based on comparative micro-level data, with a special focus on dynamics and dispersion. While these countries are quite similar along certain dimensions, they are quite dissimilar along others. […]

Work and Wealth in the Era of Digital Platforms

Work and Wealth in the Era of Digital Platforms (acronym: BRIE-ETLA 2015-2018) studies implications of digital platforms on business strategies and national policies. It consists of international scholarly, business and policy relevant, research joint effort of BRIE, The Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy, located at the campus of University of California, Berkeley, and ETLA. […]