Competition, innovation and productivity

  • Effect of competition on businesses
  • Connections between innovation and business dynamics
  • Growth of business productivity and “creative destruction”

The program focuses on many aspects of the competition. The research topics include the functioning of markets, regulation and the impact of public sector activities on market performance. The program involves a lot of empirical analysis of business and personal data sets based on competitive business strategies, market entry barriers (e.g. patents), as well as the effects of government activities (e.g. business subsidies) on competition and business activities.

Innovation, i.e. new goods and services as well as ways of manufacturing, are a means for companies to cope with the pressures of competitive markets and therefore one of the interesting consequences of competition. Topics of particular interest in the program are innovation related to digitalisation and the data economy. The research focuses on, among other things, how companies make use of open data and big data in the development of new products. At the same time we evaluate what kinds of innovation strategies companies use in their data-based innovation and how these innovation strategies affect competition.

Successful innovation companies are able to raise their own productivity and thus the productivity of the whole economy. On the other hand, economic productivity is also improved as resources shift from inefficient companies to more efficient ones. The latter mechanism is called “creative destruction” in the literature. The program’s research focuses on productivity growth, its factors and in particular at the underlying dynamics of the company. It includes creation of new jobs and the destruction of old ones, as well as the mobility of workers in the labour market. These questions are explored in close cooperation with Labour Market and Education Economics program.

Competition, Innovation and Productivity research staff:

Research Director, Ph.D. Mika Maliranta
Chief research scientist, Dr.Ec.Sc. Heli Koski
Researcher, D.Sc. (Econ.) Nelli Valmari
Researcher, Ph.D. Paolo Fornaro
Research Trainee, MSc Juha Luukkonen