What costs in medicine?
Research group: Growth, international trade and competition Research began: 2020 Research ended: 2021 Sponsored by: Prime Minister's Office (VN TEAS funding)
What costs in medicine?

What costs in medicine?

This study, carried out as a consortium between Aalto University, ETLA Economic Research, Finnish Institute for health and welfare and VATT Institute for Economic Research, assesses what costs in out-patient medicines, how the prices of medicines can be influenced and how the prices should be controlled. This research focuses on especially how the cost effectiveness of medication could be affected with various regulatory mechanisms and within promote rational medication. With regard to pharmacy operations, this study focuses on the role of services as part of the SOTE service system.

The objective of this research project is to produce and provide new and easily extractable information for decision makers related to regulatory of out-patient medicines wholesale prices, the role of doctors in drug choices in the implementation of rational drug therapy and the role of pharmacies as part of SOTE service system.

Research project divides to two work packages. The first work package concentrates on contemplating price formation and control of medicines. The second work package contemplates the role of pharmacies as part of SOTE service system.

Based on the results, measures to restrain drug costs and promote rational medical treatment, availability of drugs and accessibility of pharmacy services are suggested.


Etla Economic Research is part of Aalto University-led project together with VATT Institute for Economic Research and Finnish Institute for health and welfare.

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