Evaluation of the impacts of Tekes R&D subsidies

Evaluation of the impacts of Tekes R&D subsidies

This project evaluates the impacts of Tekes R&D subsidies by answering to the following five questions:

i) Have subsidized firms increased their R&D investments, and if yes to what extent, due to Tekes funding (i.e., input additionality)?,

ii) Have subsidized firms produced more innovation and improved their economic performance, and if yes how much, due to Tekes funding (i.e., output additionality)?,

iii) Have Tekes subsidies increased firms’ R&D collaboration with other companies and research organizations (i.e., behavioral additivity)?

iv) Indirect impacts: Does support induce input, output or behavioral additionality among non-subsidized firms? What potential indirect negative effects subsidies have on markets and competition, iv) Could the same effects have been obtained with different structure of aid instruments?

The project begins in the autumn 2017. The last part of the project ends in the autumn of 2020.

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