Research projects

Hunger for growth: Private equity -backed companies as agents for change (Etlatieto Oy) [Completed]

The project studies the roles of two parties – the members of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) as well as Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation – in supporting companies’ growth ambitions and actual growth in Finland. In particular, the project considers how public innovation support and private equity investments are targeted (by […]

Labour mobility as a mechanism of spillovers and creative destruction [Completed]

The aim of the project is to understand the role of labor mobility as a mechanism that permits knowledge spillovers and creative destruction and, consequently, its importance for productivity growth in the Finnish industries. In addition to the implications of labor mobility, we examine its determinants and facilitating factors. The focus is on the policy […]

Competitiveness and product variety

There is an increasing unanimity in Finland, that the Finnish manufacturing sector has problems with its cost competitiveness. Roughly one half of it can be explained by increases in labour costs exceeding those of the competitors and another half by productivity growth being below that of the competitors. The problem is severe. Moderate wage agreements […]

Mobilising big data potential for business and efficient public services [Completed]

The project assesses the use and business potential of big data in different sectors, potential for the development of big data and MyData applications as well as the legal framework for the provision of services in the public sector. The objective of the project is to look into the business potential offered by big data […]

Efficient utilisation of open data [Completed]

The project aims at producing information on the cost-effective ways of promoting the use and effectiveness of open data. The first goal is to determine indicators and a model for assessing impacts and cost-effectiveness of opening up data (particularly data in national base registers) in practice. In addition, we undertake a survey for the national […]

Personal data management platforms

Etla’s part in the project firstly focuses on the developments in personal data related hype-cycles and innovation in three selected domains that have been identified to have an exceptionally large near-term potential to generate value from data. Such data-intensive domains include financial services having the largest digital datasets stored per firm, on average. Health care […]