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Research began 2018 Research ended 2019

The project studies the effects of firm subsidies on global competitiveness. The study will be conducted with a clear distinction between two different aspects of competitiveness: short-term cost competitiveness, and long-term structural competitiveness. The aim is to better perceive

Research began 2017 Research ended 2018

In this study, we combine robust econometrics with interactive forms of data collection to form a detailed view on the impacts of Team Finland collaborators in innovation-led export growth. In our methodology we utilize our experts’ in depth understanding

Research began 2015 Research ended 2019

During the last two decades the costs of importing have decreased due to falling transport costs, improvements in information and communication technologies and liberalized foreign direct investment (FDI) regimes. In many industrialized countries, losses of manufacturing jobs, increasing wage

Research began 2017 Research ended 2018

The project provides comprehensive information on the situations of different sub-groups of persons who live alone. We sort out the occurrence of people living alone both geographically and at different stages of the life cycle and during life’s turning

Research began 2016 Research ended 2017

An aim of the project was to study how applying and access to higher education have changed as a consequence of the student selection reforms and other policy action related to the aim of speeding up studies and, whether

Research began 2017 Research ended 2018

The aim of the project has been to comprehensively evaluate the impact of wage subsidies on unemployed persons’ subsequent employment and earnings, whereby the focus has been on the system of wage subsidies in place in the early 2010s

Research began 2017 Research ended 2019

The project focuses on the significance of immigrants to business dynamics and economic growth of Finland from both employment and productivity growth perspectives. Economic growth is, ultimately and above all, based on new ideas, which are converted into growth

Research began 2013 Research ended 2017

The study analyses on debt and debt relations of individuals and the public sector in a welfare state. It characterizes the properties of private and public debt and implicit public liabilities, studies household debt in a life-cycle perspective, assesses

Research began 2016 Research ended 2017

We construct an up-to-date study of the Chinese economy, its international role, and especially Finnish-Chinese Economic Relations. ETLA’s research team has previously done several studies on, e.g., Finland’s EU and EMU membership, Finnish-Russian Economic Relations, and Finnish-American Economic Relations.

Research began 2016 Research ended 2018

Finnish blockchain ecosystem consisting of public sector, research organisations and companies fully exploits the potential of blockchain technology in their research, business and technology portfolio. Finnish blockchain development and solutions are internationally competitive and well-known. The overall objective of

Research began 2016 Research ended 2018

The research project aims at analysing the distribution of risks that relate to employee pension insurance benefits and their funding, both in theoretical scheme types (public/private, statutory/voluntary, defined benefit/defined contribution, funded/pay-as-you-go) and in their different combinations as employed by

Research began 2014 Research ended 2017

The project combines inputs of demographers and economist to update our knowledge on the economic effects of ageing and to provide new information on specific thematic areas. Typical questions to be answered are: How does population ageing affect individuals’