Health Care Efficiency

Health Care Efficiency

This research project develops tools to improve the measurement of health care efficiency as part of occupational well-being projecst. In the future, measeurements will be included in R&D projectst hat develop well-being at work.

A key tool is a new and unique scale of work efficiency, which will be developed for health care. The metrics can be used to improve working time planning and its support applications to improve support health, well-being at work and organizational efficiency, and to reduce sick leave. A new measurement of health care productivity monitoring can be used to routinely monitor productivity at different levels of the organization and examine its distribution.

Research will consist of thousands of employees and several departments. The method classifies the work tasks of the site on the basis of DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) and difficulty data and performs statictical stress assessments for them.

Research questions

  1. What explains the variability in productivity?
  2. What are the links between productivity and well-being at work?
  3. How should productivity information be used in management?


This research project will be carried out in collaboration with Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

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