Education and skills need of green transition (VISIOS)

Education and skills need of green transition (VISIOS)

The aim of this research project is to produce information that supports meeting the skills and education needs of the green transition under Finland’s sustainable grwoth agenda. The main goal of this project is to study and describe extensively the skills and education needs of Finnish society and working life created by the green transition. The key is to look at the spesific effects the transition has on the occupational and economic structure and to make recommendations on this basis for changes in education and learning environments. At the same time, ways of promoting green competence in Finland outside the formal education system and in the third sector are also examined.

The green transition towards carbon neutrality, the circular economy and the preservation of biodiversity has been rapidly adopted as a policy goal at both national and EU level. As a result, many of its systemic effects remain unclear. One such area is the pressures for change related to skills and education needs. The 2035 carbon neutrality target and other sustainable development goals require urgent education reforms, as it will take years to meet skills needs.

Etla’s role in the project focuses in particular on examining the effects of the green transition on the professional and economic structure and the skills needs of working life. In addition, Etla is involved in a working package that focuses on assessing how the competence and education system in the light of current knowledge responds to the changing professional structure and need for competence with the green transition.


In addition to Etla, the project involves University of Jyväskylä, Finnish Environment Institute and Demos Helsinki which coordinates the project.

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