Growth Funding in Finland – The Utilisation and Opportunities of the InvestEU Programme

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The InvestEU programme brings together 13 financial EU instruments and instruments of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). The programme aims to launch €400 billion worth of investments between 2021 and 2027 using loans, loan guarantees and capital investments. This report maps finance gaps and identifies opportunities to take advantage of the programme, both in the funding of growth companies and the development of national level business subsidies.

InvestEU opens up new kinds of opportunities. With it, EU funding will become more strongly focused on societal goals such as environmental and social sustainability. InvestEU also seeks to clarify and harmonise the conditions for funding terms and conditions, and to make it easier to combine the funding with other sources of finance. This may significantly improve the attractiveness of the funding, as EU instruments are currently considered administratively difficult.

The InvestEU programme is very suitable for the needs of Finnish growth companies. It will also make it possible to accelerate investments and boost the utilisation of market-based funding. Effective utilisation of the opportunities requires activity, both from public and private actors and the strengthening of advice and capabilities so that both providers and end-users of funding can better recognise the opportunities.

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