Macroeconomy, international economy, cycles


Etla currently has two projects that use big data in economic forecasting. ETLAnow unemployment predicts the unemployment rate in every EU country using real-time data from Google Trends database and latest official data from Eurostat. The forecasts for three months ahead are automatically updated every morning. The forecasts are also available on Twitter. ETLAnow is […]

Development Prospects of Finnish-Chinese Economic Relations

We construct an up-to-date study of the Chinese economy, its international role, and especially Finnish-Chinese Economic Relations. ETLA’s research team has previously done several studies on, e.g., Finland’s EU and EMU membership, Finnish-Russian Economic Relations, and Finnish-American Economic Relations. ETLA has also done research on China in the past, and the country’s economic development is […]

Building a new macroeconomic forecasting model for ETLA

The aim is to build a new macroeconomic forecasting model that will replace the existing one. ETLA is using several models in its research and forecasting activity. These include the NiGEM model for the world economy, the macroeconomic model for the Finnish economy and the input-output model. The aim of the project is to build […]

Measuring the structural budgetary position [Completed]

The structural budgetary position (SBP) measures the budgetary position of the public finances, when the effects of economic cycles and one-off expense and income items are eliminated. In principle, the use of this indicator clarifies the execution of financial policy and its control. Shocks of a cyclical nature trigger automatic stability measures in the public […]

Significance of Russia for Finnish Business [Completed]

We study factors affecting the long-term development of the Russian economy and their effects for the Finnish economy and business. After analysing Russia’s economic structures we evaluate and use econometrics to explain the development of Finn-ish exports there. If all re-exports are removed from export statistics, Russia’s share in Finnish goods exports was about 8 […]