Research projects

Living alone as part of the life cycle

The project provides comprehensive information on the situations of different sub-groups of persons who live alone. We sort out the occurrence of people living alone both geographically and at different stages of the life cycle and during life’s turning points and crises. We identify groups of persons living alone who have significant deficiencies in their […]

Student selection to higher education and speeding up studies

An aim of the project is to study how applying and access to higher education have changed as a consequence of the student selection reforms and other policy action related to the aim of speeding up studies and, whether the objectives set out in terms of rapid transition progress of studies have been realized; how […]

The effects of wage subsidies on the employability and employment

This research project evaluates comprehensively the effects of wage subsidies on the employability and employment, including the earnings development, of long-term unemployed as well as disabled people. For these purposes, the project makes innovative use of merged individual-level longitudinal register data in combination with empirical methods representing the forefront of international research. The evaluation of […]

Immigrants, Business Dynamics and Economic Growth

The project focuses on the significance of immigrants to business dynamics and economic growth of Finland from both employment and productivity growth perspectives. Economic growth is, ultimately and above all, based on new ideas, which are converted into growth in national productivity, if the conditions of business dynamics are good. Immigrants can play a significant […]


Etla currently has two projects that use big data in economic forecasting. ETLAnow unemployment predicts the unemployment rate in every EU country using real-time data from Google Trends database and latest official data from Eurostat. The forecasts for three months ahead are automatically updated every morning. The forecasts are also available on Twitter. ETLAnow is […]

Debt relations and welfare financing in Finland

The study analyses on debt and debt relations of individuals and the public sector in a welfare state. It characterizes the properties of private and public debt and implicit public liabilities, studies household debt in a life-cycle perspective, assesses fiscal adjustment and determinants of risk premia of public debt in various countries, explores the interaction […]