Låglönejobb – Fällor och språngbräden. Nordiska erfarenheter i internationell belysning

Asplund RitaEriksson Tor

This literature review reveals that the existing empiri-cal evidence for the Nordic countries on the incidence of low pay and the mobility of the low-paid in the earnings distribution is still sparse. In fact, the current state of knowledge provides the policy-makers with only minor, if any, firm evidence that could be turned into policy recommendations. Accordingly, the need for much more research on this increasingly important dimension of labour market dynamics is obvious. Moreover, the “knowledge gaps” are evident both when it comes to the availability of illustrating descriptive anal-yses and analyses that attempt to explain observed mobility patterns. The review also presents and discusses problems related to defini-tions of key concepts and to methodological issues that arise when trying to explore the challenging issue of low-paid employment.

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