Research projects

The effect of education on crime and labor market outcomes

This study examines how the admission success to upper secondary education and participation in the post-compulsory schooling affect crime behavior and labor market outcomes. Each year almost five percent of the cohort graduating from compulsory education fails to receive an offer to upper secondary education in the joint application process. This postpones their enrolment to […]

Workplace innovations, productivity, and employee well-being [Completed]

The aim of this research project is to evaluate the impact of high involvement management that stresses the importance of worker autonomy on both firm performance and various measures of subjective well-being at work. Management styles are an important input of firm competitiveness and economic performance. The recent economic literature highlights the importance of differences […]

Inclusive Promotion of Health and Wellbeing

The project aims at providing new information on reasons of health inequities, as well as recommendations for policy and future strategies to promote health and wellbeing. The undertaking will develop evidence-based and cost-effective models of health and wellbeing promotion that are able to talk to and assimilate vulnerable groups and motivate and empower positive transitions […]

Career and wage dynamics within and between firms [Completed]

The fields of personnel and organizational economics have started to develop and test models of the internal workings of firms, paying particular attention to careers within firms. This project takes a new approach on career and wage dynamics by using a large longitudinal linked employer-employee dataset. By adopting this approach, we make the following three […]

Building a new macroeconomic forecasting model for ETLA

The aim is to build a new macroeconomic forecasting model that will replace the existing one. ETLA is using several models in its research and forecasting activity. These include the NiGEM model for the world economy, the macroeconomic model for the Finnish economy and the input-output model. The aim of the project is to build […]

FIRSTRUN – Fiscal Rules and Strategies under Externalities and Uncertainties

Fiscal policy rules that the European Union imposes on the member countries have been reformed during the course of Euro crisis. A multinational research project led by Etla aims at assessing the appropriateness of the reforms and finding prospective new ways to promote economic stability in the member countries. The project is called “Fiscal Rules […]