ETLA in media

ETLA is designing a model for a cleantech fund

ETLA is designing together with Professor Peter Adriaens of the University of Michigan a model for an Industrial Renewal Fund, to provide pension funds and other large institutional investors with a possibility to invest in promising cleantech SME’s.

The Euro Area needs a public debt restructuring mechanism

The Euro Area needs an orderly public debt restructuring mechanism, argue Managing Director Vesa Vihriälä and Professor Beatrice Weder di Mauro in a column published on the VoxEU portal. Making market discipline credible through an orderly debt restructuring mechanism is a promising alternative to contain moral hazard associated with mutualisation of public debt, which has […]

FastFT quotes ETLA’s Nokia research

An analysis by ETLA of Nokia’s influence has some fascinating factoids as well as reassuring statistics following the €5.44bn sale of its handset business to Microsoft, says fastFT, Financial Times’ 24 hours a day news service. Software and IT services have largely filled the void left by Nokia’s decline. Read more

Vesa Vihriälä in Government Gazette: Towards a Functioning Monetary Union – a Finnish Point of View

The euro has undoubtedly promoted integration and spurred growth. It has also kept the promise of monetary stability as measured by consumer price inflation. There are some “buts”, however.

ETLA’s Nokia research referred to in The Economist

NOKIA contributed a quarter of Finnish growth from 1998 to 2007, according to figures from the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA). Are any other economies so reliant on one company? The researchers at ETLA calculate Nokia’s value-added to work out its importance to Finland, but such data are not widely available for other […]

Markku Kotilainen in The Economist: Fiscal tightening one reason for soggy growth

The Finns are being hard-nosed because they face their own hardship, writes The Economist in an article about Finland’s role in the euro crisis. ETLA’s Markku Kotilainen is one of the experts quoted in the article.