Offshoring R&D

This paper explores offshoring of firms’ research and development functions. Our analysis employs a previously untapped and unique Eurostat International Sourcing Survey. The results are easy to summarize. First, the magnitude of R&D offshoring is small. Second, a large majority of R&D is offshored within the enterprise group, in contrast to offshoring outside of the enterprise group. Third, most of R&D offshoring from Europe is directed to high-income European countries, not so to low-cost countries in Europe, China, or India. Fourth, R&D jobs do have been lost from offshoring; however, the negative employment impact has been moderate. But the Eurostat International Sourcing Survey does not allow entangling the full net employment effect of R&D offshoring, which could be either negative or positive.

JEL: O3, O32, F0, F2, F16, L2, J44
Datum: 04.05.2016
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