Youth Employability and Employment from the Perspective of Active Labour Market Policies

This literature review starts with a general discussion of young people and their various activities with special emphasis on youth unemployment and the outcome of alternative ways of measuring the prevalence of unemployment among young people. Thereafter the focus turns to measures targeted at young people based on the knowledge provided in relevant national as well as international literature. A distinction is thereby made between the role and impact of the education system, on the one hand, and active labour market policies (ALMP), on the other. The main reason for making this distinction is that early-year education and ALMP measures are typically targeted at differently aged young people. Apart from young people in general, attention is also paid to two special groups of young people: disabled young people and young immigrants. The review concludes with a discussion of main findings and their policy implications.

JEL: I20, I38, J08, J70
Datum: 18.09.2014
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