Finland and the Globalisation of Innovation

Ali-Yrkkö JyrkiPalmberg Christopher (eds.)

Internationalisation is not limited to manufacturing. It also extending to innovation as firms spread their research and development (R&D) across the globe. Firms are increasingly dependent on interaction with foreign partners and competitors, and they are becoming more reliant on locations abroad for innovation. Rapidly developing countries, such as India and China, are also entering the scene through competition based on low-cost and high-skilled labour.

This book analyses Finland’s position in the globalisation of innovation and the changing division of labour in R&D. It provides new insights into the global innovation activity of large Finnish firms, the present and future advantages and disadvantages of Finland as a location for R&D, and the involvement of Finnish firms in strategic alliances as an increasingly important mode of internationalisation. The book also assesses developments in Finland from the viewpoint of Indian and Chinese firms.

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