Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of labor policy

Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of labor policy

Achieving the government’s 75% employment target requires decisive action to improve employment.

Increasing the employment rate will only be successful if the measures taken are effective. Such measures may relate to active labor market policies, unemployment schemes, invalidity benefit schemes or taxation. However, research data on these measures have not been aggregated to support decision-making and there are no clear research-based policy recommendations.

The project provides an overview of the international and domestic literature on the employment effects of employment policies and formulates policy conclusions based on this research. The project covers a wide range of areas of employment policy, including attention to partial ability.

Active labor market policies and unemployment protection are based on international meta-analyzes and reviews, complemented by the latest research also on domestic research.

Regarding partial disability and disability benefit schemes, the focus is on Nordic evaluation studies, which are most relevant to policymaking. Tax issues utilize international literature reviews on key topics.

Studies are complemented by studies on Finnish policy measures. In all sections, attention is paid to the quality of the studies, the credibility of the results and their applicability to Finland. The review focuses on the results of evaluation studies and does not detail the systems in different countries.

Etla is carrying out the research in collaboration with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Pellervo Economic Research PTT.

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