Evaluation of the Team Finland Network

Salminen VesaHalme KimmoRoiha UllaUitto HeidiKoski HeliPajarinen MikaYlhäinen Ilkka


The evaluation assessed how the Team Finland network and its services meet the needs of companies and support their growth and internationalisation. The focus of the evaluation was on the added value of the operating model and the collaboration between the network actors for companies aiming for international markets.

The main methods and data sources of the evaluation were statistical and econometric analysis, literature and documentary analysis, electronic business survey, expert survey for network actors, expert interviews, company interviews, as well as stakeholder workshops.

The evaluation concludes, for example, that the Team Finland operating model and customer management have clearly developed, which has helped to improve the efficiency of internationalisation services. However, the network is not yet operating efficiently enough. Similarly, there is still room for improvement in the division of labor and the flow of information within the network.

The evaluation recommends that the development of the Team Finland network should be continued in a determined and long-term manner on the basis of the current operating model. In addition, it is recommended that the strategic goals of the network be sharpened. The network’s service promise and the totality of services should also be clarified, and private services should be more closely integrated into the network’s service offering.

Publications of the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities 2022:47.

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Results of research
Evaluation of the effectiveness of Team Finland Network
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Team Finland, Business subsidies, Business support services, Internationalisation, Evaluation
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Publications of the Government's analysis, assessment and research activities 2022:47
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