Higher education admissions and the policy of shortening transition and study times

Ahola SakariAsplund RitaVanhala Pekka

This study analyses the objectives set for the reforms of the Finnish higher education admissions system. The first part, based on analysis of statistics and register data, looks at the situation of those seeking their first higher education place and the acceleration of the transition from secondary to higher education. In addition the study evaluates the functioning of transition applications and the effects of the different methods of selection on the outcome of admissions and study times. The second part reports findings from a survey of university applicants in four fields of study: education, economics, medicine and law. The empirical study examines the role and volume of private prep courses in higher education admissions, who participates, and how participation affects the outcomes of admissions.


Publications of  the Govenrment’s analysis, assessment and research activities 25/2015.


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Results of research
Student selection to higher education and speeding up studies
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Labour market and education
Higher education, student admission, prep courses
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