Etla’s Terhi Maczulskij appointed Research Fellow at the leading research institute in labor economics

Etla’s chief research scientist Terhi Maczulskij has been appointed as a Research Fellow at IZA Institute of Labor Economics in September 2020. IZA is a non-profit research institute and leading international network in labor economics. As an IZA member Maczulskij has an opportunity to submit her work to the IZA Discussion Paper Series. Maczulskij is currently studying e.g. the effects of collective agreements on wage increases and workers’ well-being. The first working paper will be published this fall.

Fellowship in the leading international research institute in labor economics will bring many opportunities for an active researcher. Maczulskij thinks the appointment could be significant for her career.

– IZA provides excellent opportunities for labour economists because as a member I have the opportunity to publish my working papers in IZA Discussion Paper Series. This could increase the visibility of my work in the scientific community. IZA’s publication flagship is the most influential working paper series in labor economics. Accordingly, IZA is a great place for collaboration and networking.

Established in 1998, IZA is a nonprofit research institute and the leading international network in labor economics, comprising more than 1600 scholars from around the world. In addition to research publications, members can get remote access to IZA computing resources and datasets.

Maczulskij is currently working on a research project (funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund), in which she examines the changes in the content of the collective agreement in Finland over the past 15 years. The focus is to examine the effects of decentralization of collective bargaining on wage increases, wage dispersion and workers’ work effort. Two academic working papers will be later published in Etla’s own discussion paper series and also in IZA network. The first working paper will be published this fall.

– In addition to this research project, I study the effects of various mega trends, such as globalization and technological change, on the firm performance and worker careers. These topics are at the core of IZA’s research teams.

Maczulskij has previously published two working papers, that were co-authored by another IZA member, in IZA network. First paper examined the link between adverse life events and long-term labor market success and the second paper examined the effect of involuntary job loss on the propensity to move.


Etla congratulates Terhi Maczulskij on her appointment!

Terhi Maczulskij’s profile on IZA