Etla establishes a content partnership with the World Economic Forum

Etla Economic Research has established a content partnership with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Strategic Intelligence. Within framework of cooperation WEF features Etla’s economic research and publications on their website and on their knowledge platform, while Etla is expanding the reach of institute’s content. Etla has already acted as a Partner Institute of the WEF for Global Competitiveness Report.

Within the content partnership World Economic Forum may share, publish, and quote studies, opinions, columns, and videos published on Etla’s website. WEF must always quote the original source and author and add a link to the original publication. Etla will also decide which material will be shared.

The World Economic Forum is the international organization for public-private cooperation and it has developed its Strategic Intelligence capabilities to help make sense of the complex forces driving transformational change across economies, industries, and global issues. The World Economic Forum has mapped hundreds of global issues and their interdependencies together with experts from universities, think-tanks, international organizations, and other research institutions.

The information is presented in the form of an interactive, dynamic data visualization called a “transformation map”. These maps can help you understand the full landscape of a topic before an important business meeting or compile all relevant data-points for strategic decision taking. The content that Etla Economic Research is sharing with the WEF can easily be found e.g. on the map of Finland. You can sign up to the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence platform to unlock access to the latest research and analysis, videos, podcasts and interactive data from the world’s leading research institutions on over 250 topics.

With the content partnership Etla is expanding the reach of institute’s content as well as seeking a wider international visibility and impact of its studies and views. Through WEF Etla distributes mainly studies, columns and opinions written in English. Publications distributed within the framework of content partnership have a separate tag “ETLA-WEF” on Etla’s website. There is no monetary compensation for this partnership.

Cooperation with the World Economic Forum is not completely new to Etla. Etla has already – for a long time – acted as a Partner Institute for WEF’s  Global Competitiveness Report. Partner institutes help administer the Executive Opinion Survey and advance the competitiveness agenda in their respective economies. Etla’s researcher Ville Kaitila is responsible for writing a Finnish summary of the  Global Competitiveness Report.