The effects of wage subsidies on the employability and employment

This research project evaluates comprehensively the effects of wage subsidies on the employability and employment, including the earnings development, of long-term unemployed as well as disabled people. For these purposes, the project makes innovative use of merged individual-level longitudinal register data in combination with empirical methods representing the forefront of international research.

The evaluation of wage subsidies concerns both the early 2010s up to the year 2014 and the quite profound reforms of the wage subsidy system that came into force in 2015 and the more minor reforms undertaken in the current year (2017). This threefold approach allows the impact of the reforms to be compared to fresh information on the functionality of wage subsidies prior to the reforms.

The research team is:

Starting year: 2017
Year of completion: 2018
Person in charge: Asplund, Rita
Funding: Valtioneuvoston kanslia