Development Prospects of Finnish-Chinese Economic Relations

We construct an up-to-date study of the Chinese economy, its international role, and especially Finnish-Chinese Economic Relations. ETLA’s research team has previously done several studies on, e.g., Finland’s EU and EMU membership, Finnish-Russian Economic Relations, and Finnish-American Economic Relations. ETLA has also done research on China in the past, and the country’s economic development is followed closely in forecasting. However, a systematic study on the countries’ economic relations has not been done.

We analyse the countries’ economic relations at the macroeconomic level, industry level and at the level of principal firms. Data on foreign trade and FDI are important, as are firms’ annual reports. Firm-level questions are also surveyed using interviews and possibly an internet-based questionnaire. We also analyse the trade flows of value added as reported in a database constructed by the OECD and WTO. The statistical analysis is supported by interviews on firms’ value chains. An important aspect are the mega trends that change China, Finland and the whole international economy.

Starting year: 2016
Year of completion: 2017
Person in charge: Kotilainen, Markku
Kaitila, Ville
Funding: Teollisuuden ja Työnantajain Keskusliiton (TT) -säätiö