Ubiquitous Network of Systems

Seppälä TimoMattila Juri

In the Europe 2020 strategy, the European Commission has defined interoperability and standards as one of the seven key pillars of its digital agenda. In doing so, the Commission has rightfully recognized that in order for a single digital market to be attainable, devices and services must be able to interact seamlessly anywhere — just like the internet.

As an idea, it sounds simple enough, but in practice, things get complicated. The current company and industry systems have been built disconnected from one another, piece by piece, layer after layer. They have emerged like individual pockets of lifeforms, slowly evolving into separate species that are no longer able to interconnect.

To fuse such individual systems into systems of systems, and eventually into one ubiquitous network of systems, a shared method of free communication is required which all systems can effectively understand. So essentially, to build a network of systems, we first need to build a platform for it.

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