Finland—The Silicon Valley of Industrial Internet

Ailisto Heikki (toim.)Mäntylä Matti (toim.)Seppälä Timo (toim.)Collin JariHalén MarcoJuhanko JariJurvansuu MarkoKoivisto RaijaKortelainen HelenaSimons MagnusTuominen AnuUusitalo Teuvo

Publications of the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities 10/2015

The industrial Internet is a revolutionary turning point. It is a threat to those who stick to old working methods too long, but an opportunity for those who seize upon it. Unfortunately, many actors perceive the upheaval as a threat to their present position and, particularly at companies, to their turnover and profitability structures and levels. An attempt may be made to maintain the profitability by means of cuts and savings. This approach has led to the loss of 16,000 industrial jobs during the last four years.

However, Finland has a good opportunity to choose an entirely different path of development. We have industrial companies that are the leaders in the sector and world-class ICT skills. However, this is not enough: companies must have the courage to give up the old and make large-scale investments in the new, a willingness to become internationalised and to find the best partners near and far; the public authority must see the importance of the turning point, reform pertinent education and procurement methods, remove obstacles to the operation and growth of companies and make long-term investments into research and development. In addition to companies and the public authority, representative associations and all employees, decision-makers, consumers and citizens are expected to seize opportunities and be willing to change.

This report suggests a set of concrete measures which Finland can use to redirect the negative course of development described above and receive its share of the value produced by the industrial internet. The measures proposed are a good starting point and framework and when the operators—companies, the public authority and the other parties—are committed to the vision, we can achieve good results for the future of our nation.

We can turn Finland into an attractive target for placing company functions and creating new jobs. It will be the Silicon Valley of the industrial internet, spreading new innovations to the rest of the world

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