Growth factors and bottlenecks for business start-ups

Lahtinen HenriPekkala HenrikHalme KimmoSalminen VesaHärmälä ValtteriWiikeri JuliaLamminkoski HelkaLähde KristiinaMikkelä KariRouvinen PetriKotiranta AnnuPajarinen MikaDalziel MargaretBarge BrianMeade ConorZhaoXiao

New and growing businesses (here referred to as “business start-ups”) play a central role in economic renewal. The primary aim of the project was to examine how public policy should be developed in order to support business start-up growth as effectively as possible. The report provides a national overview of different aspects related to business start-ups, entrepreneurial activity and the start-up business environment. It includes a description of the current situation of business start-ups and their role in the economy, a comparison of the national start-up business environment against comparable countries, and a current-state analysis of start-up ecosystems and start-up business services. The findings support the view that the national start-up business environment has developed significantly over the last ten years. Despite that, Finland lags behind in international comparisons. Further development of the start-up business environment requires more robust and better-focused start-up policy action from the public sector. In particular, in line with international examples, the authors call for crossbranch policy work on start-up enterprise. It is the authors’ view that Finland needs a cross-branch startup strategy formulated in close cooperation between different administrative branches and the actors of the start-up business sphere.

Publications of the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities 30/2016, Prime Minister’s Office, 6.10.2016

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Start-ups, growth, businesses, business policy, business funding, business support, business study, incubators, innovation policy
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