Sähkö-, elektroniikka- ja tietotekniikka-ala. Tuotantoketjut hajautuvat, osaamistarpeet muuttuvat

Ylä-Anttila Pekka

There is a deep structural transformation going on In the Finnish electrical, electronics and IT services sector. The main reason is a major turning point in ICT due to diminishing production and employment in mobile telecom industry where large amount of high-skill jobs will disappear in the next few years. The main reasons are major shift in global markets and dispersion of supply and value chains. However, at the same time when mobile ICT industry is experiences decline in production and employment IT services sector is growing. New ICT –related jobs are created also in mechanical and electrical engineering industries as these industries are integrating increasingly software, intelligence and services in their products. The structural transformations in electronics and ICT pose major challenges to educational system and make it difficult to foresee future skill requirements.