Innovation Does Not Equal R&D. Strategic Innovation Profiles and Firm Growth

Ketokivi MikkoAli-Yrkkö Jyrki

In this paper, we examine firm innovation and its link to firm growth. Instead of using the conventional conceptualization and operationalization of innovation in terms of the R&D budget, we use a more elaborate 12-dimensional conceptualization, which takes into account also the non-technological aspects of innovation. The 12-dimensional operationaliza-tion further enables the examination of strategic innovation profiles of individual firms. We find that different kinds of innovation activity all have effects on firm growth, but in different ways. R&D activity is important in that it leads to introduction of new products, but innovation in other dimensions – value chain strategy, brand, and distribution channels – is also linked to new product introduction. Value chain innovation is also related to the development and introduction of new services: innovation aimed at development and improvement of the customer experience in particular has a significant role in the development and introduction of new services.