The Characterics of Finpro’s Clients

Hyytinen AriPajarinen MikaYlä-Anttila Pekka

Finpro is an expert service organization, partly financed from public funds, providing services for internationalization – market information, consulting and advice, business development, and other related services. It is one of the largest organizations in the Finnish innovation and business support system. Finpro regards its mission to include increasingly a role of an information intermediary, providing information on global megatrends, new business models, and early signals of business opportunities. The company clientele is close to 5000 Finnish businesses. This report studies the Finpro’s client firms, their characteristics and profile against the organization’s mission and stated objectives. It turns out that firms using Finpro’s services are typically highly internationalized, innovative and knowledge-based. They use, more likely than Finnish firms on average, other publicly supported business services and receive funding from public funding organizations.