Finnish Firms Operating in the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Slovenian Markets

Kaitila VilleNikula NuuttiKarsai Judit

We analyse the experience of Finnish firms operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia (CEE4 countries) and their future business prospects there. First, we review the state and development of these countries’ economies. The countries face different economic challenges. After that we analyse the results from our firm survey. The questionnaire was sent to Finnish firms that operate in the CEE4 countries. According to the results, growing local markets and the countries’ EU membership are the principal factors that support business there. The firms that answered the questionnaire plan to continue to expand their operations in the CEE4 countries. We also interviewed a number of Finnish business leaders whose companies have production in Hungary. Finally, the paper includes an analysis by a Hungarian researcher on the outlook of the Hungarian economy and the investment and business environment in the country. The economic size of the CEE4 countries and their growth potential form a possibility for Finnish firms. In the future, competition in the local markets will continue to increase, however.

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Discussion Papers no. 1061
Tšekki, Slovakia, Unkari, Slovenia, yritystoiminta, kansainvälistyminen, suorat sijoitukset, ulkomaankauppa
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