Distributed Governance in Multi-Sided Platforms

Mattila JuriSeppälä Timo

During the last eight years, blockchain technology has facilitated a method by which a network of equipotent and equally privileged peers can jointly maintain and edit databases in an entirely decentralized manner, without any kind of an intermediary exhibiting unilateral control. As a consequence it has enabled the creation of a new type of multi-sided platform architecture with distributed governance. As the different platform provision functions are opened to free market competition rather than monopolized by a single entity, the monopoly-like pricing structure typical of platforms is overhauled. Instead, blockchain-enabled distributed platforms appear to share value more evenly between the all the different market sides connected to the platform. Our analysis reveals that blockchain architectures add new considerations to how multi-sided platforms architectures should be scaled and governed.

ISA Conference Paper, 25th May, 2017, Industry Studies Association, Washington DC, USA.

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