Tulosrahoitusmittariston arviointi – Palkkiomuotoinen tulosrahoitus ammatillisessa peruskoulutuksessa

During the past few years, the steering and funding of initial vocational training has been reformed in Finland with the aim of increasing the incentives for training providers to improve their results and quality. It was to this end that a system of performance based funding was developed. This evaluation concerns the quantitative indicators developed to measure the outcomes of education. About 93 percent of the initial vocational training providers who answered a questionnaire estimated that the introduction of the measurement system has helped their efforts to improve the quality of their provision. Indeed, the indicators measure the performance of training providers fairly accurately. However, according to the evaluation, the performance indicators need to be elaborated, especially with respect to the way in which the employment indicator is defined and quantified. Additionally, the comparability of training providers should be improved in all indicators used. Plans to give performance a greater role in the funding of initial vocational training emphasises the need to develop the indicators along the lines recommended in the evaluation.

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