European research economists meet in Helsinki on 3rd of June

Next week’s EUROFRAME conference will bring together several Europe’s leading research economists in Helsinki. The special theme of the one-day conference will be the macroeconomic policy challenges in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference will be held in Little Finlandia and will be organized by Etla Economic Research.

The annual EUROFRAME scientific conference of European Forecasting Research Association for the Macro-economy will be held in Helsinki this year. The conference, to be held in Little Finlandia on 3rd of June, will address the challenges of macroeconomic policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Research topics include e.g. fiscal policy, the labor markets and taxation, while ETLA Economic Research is responsible for organizing the conference titled “Macroeconomic policy challenges in pandemic times”.

The program for the one-day event will consist of a keynote speech as well as parallel sessions with several topical economic policy issues. Keynote speech will be given by D.Soc.Sc. Seppo Honkapohja, Visiting Professor at Aalto University. The event will be opened by Ph.D. Aki Kangasharju, Managing Director of ETLA Economic Research, and Ph.D Klaus-Jurgen Gern, Chair of the EUROFRAME network from the German ifW-Kiel Institute for Economic Research.

‒ We have received several interesting scientific articles for evaluation at the conference, so I look forward to a strong debate on the guidelines for post-pandemic economic policy in Europe. In the various parallel sessions, the topics move from the pressures of monetary union and interest rate policy to the development of economic growth, national debt and taxation, and the value chain disruptions during the pandemic have not been forgotten either. ETLA Economic Research will also present its own recent research on global value chain disruptions at the conference, says Ph.D. Markku Lehmus, Head of Forecasting at ETLA.

The event will end with a roundtable discussion chaired by Ph.D. Tero Kuusi, Research Director at ETLA Economic Research. The speakers will be Professors Lorenzo Forni (Prometeia Associazione), Stefan Kooths (IfW Kiel) and Niku Määttänen (University of Helsinki).

EUROFRAME is a group of 10 leading European Research Institutes with significant experience in business cycle analysis, macro-economic forecasting and economic policy analysis. They have a variety of approaches to forecasting and analysing policy, and the combination of diverse methods strengthens the joint results.


Preliminary Programme:

8.15–8.45: Registration

8.45–9.00: Opening Addresses / Aki Kangasharju (Managing Director of ETLA), Klaus-Jürgen Gern (Director of IfW and Chairman of EUROFRAME)

9.00–9.40: Keynote Lecture / Visiting Professor Seppo Honkapohja (Aalto University)

9.40–11.10: Parallel Sessions: Fiscal policy and institutions / COVID19 crisis and labour markets / Interest rates and Covid crisis

11.10–11.30: Coffee Break

11.30–13.00: Parallel Sessions: Supply shocks / Financial conditions

13.00–14.10: Lunch

14.10–15.50: Parallel sessions: Fiscal discipline and Monetary union / Term structure of interest rates

15.50–16.20: Coffee Break

16.20–18.00: Roundtable / Chair: Tero Kuusi (ETLA), panelists: Lorenzo Forni (Prometeia Associazione), Stefan Kooths (IfW Kiel), Niku Määttänen (University of Helsinki).


The event is not streamed and cannot be watched online. More detailed programme and participants attached.

Interviews requests and media registrations: Head of Communication and Media Relations Tytti Sulander ETLA Economic Research, tel. +358 40 505 1241,


EUROFRAME 2022 Preliminary programme