Artificial Intelligence Platforms: Case Google Maps

Companies from all sectors and across different value chains stand to benefit from digital and nascent artificial intelligence platforms. Google Maps is so far the best illustration of such digital platform, because it gets data from it and is being integrated to thousands of different websites and mobile applications for its machine learning algorithms to be crunched. Additionally, Google Maps offer new rich technological features and boundary resources, providing entry points for artificial intelligence utilization. Google Maps is a platform inside a platform.

In this latest episode of EtlaTalks researcher Timo Seppälä explores platform economy, evolution of digital platforms and the related new research agenda,  not forgetting artificial intelligence. A good illustration as such is Google Maps.

The video for Etla is produced by Veräjämäen Viestintä Oy.


Mucha, Tomasz & Seppälä, Timo: Artificial Intelligence Platforms – A New Research Agenda for Digital Platform Economy (Etla Working Paper 76)