Platform Economy: Interactions and Boundary Resources seminar

*Platform Economy: Interactions and Boundary Resources seminar in
      Tekes, Ruoholahti on 22 Sep. at 9.00*

Platform economy demands seamless collaboration of many – even millions of participants. The enablers of such collaboration are called boundary resources. Yet, how is new business created by means of those boundary resources?

In our morning event, the world-renowned expert on platform economy, Dr. Rahul Basole (Tennenbaun Institute, Georgia Tech) will present about the global API–economy. Thereafter, the Finnish forerunners, such as Jarkko Moilanen (APInf), Jukka Viitanen (Resolute), Jussi Ahola (Fira) and Ari Viitanen (Carinafour) will provide their experiences of platform and APIEconomy.

You are warmly welcome to our interactive and participatory event.

The seminar is in English and free of charge.

Detailed program and enrollment on the seminar: