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Timo Nikinmaa

What is the worth of a brand?

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VTT, Aalto and ETLA study opportunities of industrial internet for Finland


The industrial internet is one of the most important disruptive technologies at the moment, both in Finland and worldwide. Finland is looking for new growth opportunities and competitiveness through exploiting the industrial internet. The Prime Minister’s Office has identified it as one of its key themes.

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Simulating the Dynamic Effects of Corporate Income Tax Cut in Finland

Valkonen, Tarmo - Kauppi, Eija - Suni, Paavo

Demographic forecasts and fiscal policy rules

Lassila, Jukka - Valkonen, Tarmo - Alho, Juha M.

An international cohort comparison of size effects on job growth

Anyadike-Danes, Michael - Bjuggren, Carl Magnus - Gottschalk, Sandra - Hoelzl, Werner - Johansson, Dan - Maliranta, Mika - Myrann, Anja