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Timo Nikinmaa

What is the worth of a brand?

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The Euro Area is continuing its cautious recovery – Finland’s GDP will finally return to growth


The euro area is continuing its cautious recovery, the US economy is undergoing a strong upswing, China’s growth is subsiding. Finland’s GDP will grow 0.5 per cent in 2015 and 1.6 per cent in 2016.

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From Cleantech to Cleanweb – The Finnish Cleantech Space in Transition

Kotiranta, Annu - Tahvanainen, Antti-Jussi - Adriaens, Peter - Ritola, Maria

The Digital Disruption and Its Societal Impacts

Kenney, Martin - Rouvinen, Petri - Zysman, John

Raiders Of Lost Value

Kotiranta, Annu – Kulvik, Martti – Maijanen, Sirpa - Tahvanainen, Antti – Trieste, Leopoldo – Turchetti, Giuseppe – Tähtinen, Marja

Slicing Up Global Value Chains: a Micro View

Ali-Yrkkö, Jyrki - Rouvinen, Petri