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Peter Adriaens

Smart Money: Multi-Asset Funds for Industrial Renewal

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Slow GDP growth expected for Finland in 2015-2035


ETLA anticipates Finland's GDP to grow by an average 1.5 per cent a year in the period 2015-2025. Growth is slowed by fiscal adjustment in the first half of the period. (more…)

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An economic model to assess the cost-benefit of BNCT

Kulvik, Martti - Hermans, Raine - Linnosmaa, Ismo - Shalowitz, Joel

Biokinetic analysis of tissue boron (10B) concentrations of glioma patients treated with BNCT in Finland

Koivunoro, Hanna - Hippeläinen, Eero - Auterinen, Iiro - Kankaanranta, Leena - Kulvik, Martti - Laakso, Juha - Seppälä, Tiina - Savolainen, Sauli - Joensuu, Heikki