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Peter Adriaens

Financial Innovation to Drive Growth? Invest in the Stocks and Flows of the Real Economy

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GDP will grow by almost one per cent this year – in 2017 and 2018 the growth will gain momentum


Although general economic uncertainty has increased, the baseline scenario for the international economy is guardedly positive: economic growth in the euro area and the US will continue at last year’s pace, China’s growth will slow down in a controlled manner.

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The Effect of Sanctions on Finnish Exports to Russia

Berg-Andersson, Birgitta - Kotilainen, Markku

Global Value Chain Upgrading

Ylömäki, Tobias

A study on the Finnish R&D tax credit of the years 2013–2014

Kuusi, Tero - Pajarinen, Mika - Rouvinen, Petri - Valkonen, Tarmo

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