The Resource Dependency of Data: A Prospective on Data Sharing in Supply Chains

Seppälä TimoHakanen EskoLähteenmäki IlkkaMattila JuriNiemi Rasmus


In addition to traditional production factors, such as capital and labor, data can also be considered a similar resource. Furthermore, data cannot be created and handled without the involvement of other resources. In contemporary supply chain structures, companies rarely produce all the resources required by the final product internally. Instead, they partially rely on external inputs from other supply chain participants. This proportion is reflected by the added value captured by each supply chain participant. This study examines the extent of sharing of data by companies to their supply chain participants. The study explores how these data sharing percentages would look if data was shared in the same proportion as the value added is captured by the supply chain participants. While the theoretical figures on data sharing based on the assumption of similar proportions of data sharing and value added are high, in practice no correlation can be seen between the value added contribution and data sharing within the supply chain.

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Data sharing, Supply chain, Value Chain System of systems, Data as a Resource, Boundary resources, Value added
M21, O30, P49
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