Does Job Design Make Workers Happy?

Böckerman PetriBryson AlexKauhanen AnttiKangasniemi Mari


Using linked employer-employee data for Finland we examine associations between job design, employee well-being and job-related stress. Three key findings stand out. First, in accordance with the theory of Karasek and Karasek and Theorell, job control and supervisory support are positively correlated with employee well-being and negatively correlated with job-related stress. Second, as predicted by theory, job demands are positively correlated with job-related stress. Third, there is no association between job demands and employee well-being and, contrary to expectations, neither job control nor supervisory support alleviate the negative relationship between job demands and job-related stress. Our results confirm the importance of job design for employee well-being.

Scottish Journal of Political Economy.

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HRM, Job control, Job demands, Job design, Job satisfaction, Job support, Stress, Supervisors, Worker well-being
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