Emerging Clusters of the Northern Dimension; Competitive Analysis of Northwest Russia

Dudarev GrigoriHernesniemi HannuFilippov Pavel

Grigori Dudarevin, Hannu Hernesniemen ja Pavel Filippovin Emerging Clusters of the Northern Dimension -tutkimuksessa raportoidaan ensimmäiset tulokset Luoteis-Venäjän teollisuuden kilpailukykyä käsittelevästä tutkimuksesta ja selvitellään Suomen ja Luoteis-Venäjän taloudellisen yhteistyön ja rajan ylittävän liiketoiminnan kehitysmahdollisuuksia.Tarkasteltavina aloina mukana ovat metsä-, metallienjalostus-, energia-, elintarvike- ja rakennusmateriaaliteollisuus sekä logistiikka ja IT-sektori.Tutkimuksessa todetaan Luoteis-Venäjällä olevan luonnonvaroja, edullista ja osaavaa työvoimaa sekä hyvä koulutus- ja tiedeperusta, ja sen kautta on mahdollista avata portit Venäjän laajoille markkinoille. Suomella taas on mahdollisuus tarjota kehittynyttä tuotantoteknologiaa ja osaamista sekäglobaalien markkinoiden tuntemusta.

The study presents the initial results of research into the competitiveness and prospects for further growth of the industries of Northwest Russia. It also highlights the opportunities for over-the-border cooperation between Finnish and Russian companies. The structure and main features of seven key sectors of the Northwest Russia were examined. The forestry, base metals, energy, food and ICT sectors were studied using a method of cluster analysis. The study demonstrates that all the necessary elements for the formation of internationally competitive clusters are found in these sectors. The transport and logistics sector to a great extent determines the cost level and even competitiveness of local manufacturers. The construction materials industry benefits from natural resources, but it is fragmented and lacks the governmental and private efforts necessary for its development. Interviews with the executives of key companies and an analysis of what the sector needs showed that there is a high potential for over-the-border cooperation based on complementary resources, such as experience, technologies and the knowledge of global market by the Finnish companies, on the one hand, and the natural resources, cheap and highly qualified labor force, educational base, and broad local market that Northwest Russia offers, on the other hand.

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