The Time is Right? Early Retirements and Use of Time by Older Finns

Huovinen PasiPiekkola Hannu

This study examines job search behaviour by the help of two separate survey data samples. The stock sample represents those job seekers who were either unemployed or in active labour market programmes. The flow sample represents those job seekers, who received a job from open labour market or exited from the labour market all together. Job seekers’ activity is analysed by job search intensity index, which is a combination of several measures related to active job search. We show that the level of unemployment, the duration of present unemployment, unemployment benefits, age, education and family situation all affect job seek activity. Participation in labour market programmes increases activity. Commitment to job and unemployment experience correlate with activity. Activity of the unemployed job seekers differs from activity of those, who had received a job as well as between men women.

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